About - Eiffel Curtains and Blinds

We are Eiffel Curtains and Blinds,
a Perth-based family business
proudly established in 2012.

With a shared commitment to craftsmanship and quality, all four of us play integral roles in ensuring the success and satisfaction of our valued customers.

We are a Family Owned & Operated Business

Faz, our founder and leader, embarked on her journey in curtain making in 2010, drawing upon over a decade of prior experience in sewing and tailoring.

Sia, our versatile team member, fulfills roles ranging from administrative tasks to marketing management, and occasionally lends a hand as a fitter. His expertise extends to website development and overseeing all aspects of online marketing, including SEO.

Additionally, Sepideh and Sahar, both pursuing Pharmacy degrees at Curtin University, contribute their time and skills to the business during their free hours and full-time during holidays, supporting their mother in her entrepreneurial endeavors.

As designers and manufacturers of custom-made curtains in Perth, we take pride in showcasing our brilliant fabric ranges right in the comfort of your own home. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures the creation of elegant and well-crafted finishing touches that you will truly relish. With our expertise in selecting the most suitable curtain and blind designs, we guarantee dramatic updates that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.


Our expertise lies in designing and installing custom-made curtains and window treatments throughout the Perth metro area.

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