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Box Pleat Curtains in Perth

Box Pleat Curtains in Perth



Smart and Tailored Appearance.
AKA Reverse Pleat or Inverted Pleat.

The Most Beatiful Box Pleat

Curtains in Perth

Curtains with box pleat heading are suitable for tracks or poles. The flattened pleats create a smart, tailored appearance and work particularly well with silks and plains to suit a clean, minimal style of interior.

Box Pleat is a more modern type of pleat and has become a popular option for contemporary to modern styles of curtains.

Box Pleat curtain heading creates casual look on windows. It also known as “Inverted Pleat” or “Reverse Pleat”. The pleats across the top of the curtain take the shape of ‘boxes,’ consisting of a wide rectangular pleat.

Box Pleat Curtains Perth provide an elegant look to your window treatments. They can be made from almost any type of curtains fabric including sheer or solid. Box Pleat Curtains are mostly used for the furniture arrangements in rooms with a geometrical decor pattern.

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