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Curtains Heading Types

Curtains Heading Types

There are wide range of different headings that you can choose for your curtains, depending on the style and effect you want to reach. These are the factors you need to consider for choosing the curtains heading types:


Different headings require different amount of fabric and therefore the cost of curtains may differ based on the heading you choose.


Some headings look classic and some look modern, so according to your preference and also your other furniture you can choose the heading style.


You will have different amount of light passing through your sheer curtains in different heading types. If you need more light, you need to choose the heading types with less fabric and less pleats.

We are happy to chat with you about all the available options, and just for start here is the most popular styles you can consider:

S-Wave, U-Pleat or S-Fold


S-Wave, U-Pleat or S-Fold

Looking to decorate your room a different way? If you would like something modern and at the same time elegant, you would love to get hold of S-wave curtains. It also known as U-Pleat or S-Fold.

S-wave curtains are your choice if you want to have ripple fold curtains. It’s one of the innovations that can help you decorate your room – and goes well with sheer curtains. Make them look elegant or classy, according to the fabric you choose. Get a minimalistic look as you want, S-Fold curtains can go well with your sheer curtain, making them look luxurious.

Fit it to the wall or just dress your windows – just the way you want. It’s perfect for your bedroom decoration – we are sure your rooms would never feel the same way again. Elegant and beautiful to look at, it creates a wave effect, helping you create a beautiful and calm atmosphere in your home, without compromising on your privacy and natural sunlight.

Our U-Pleat curtains in Perth are loved by all, and come in different shades. Choose the one you need, according to the design and fabric you love, for your room. With our wide range of S-wave curtains in Perth, you are sure to find one that complements your fernitues.

You can also visit our showroom to check our collection. Alternatively, feel free to call us and we will send over one of out on-road consultants to your home – who would be able to look at the interior decorations and offer the you the S-wave curtains you need.

Pinch Pleat


Pinch Pleat

Give your rooms the royal and elegant look. Pinch pleat curtains are created by experienced curtain makers with hours of work. Designed with the finest fabrics and materials, these drapes for your windows can add in some exquisite charm to your rooms.

Choose from three different types of Pinch Pleat Curtains in Perth. There is the single pinch pleat type, suitable if you are looking for something basic. You would love the double pinch pleat if you’re looking for more protection and something just less than the formal style. The triple pinch pleat type is your choice if you’re looking for curtains for your sitting and dining rooms, offering a full and traditional feel.

We offer some of the best Pinch pleat curtains in Perth. You can choose online from our wide range of offerings, according to different colours, designs and fabric. If you have the time, visit our showroom in Perth. You can also call one of our on road consultants to visit your home in Perth – we would love to help you choose a Pinch pleat curtain in Perth that goes along with your interior decoration.

Box Pleat, Inverted Pleat, Reverse Pleat


Box Pleat, Inverted Pleat or Reverse Pleat

Suitable for contemporary or modern interiors, it is one of the unique curtain styles that you can fall in love with.

Box pleat curtains complement your sheers really well, and often comes in standard and inverted styles, complete with hooks. With ropes and braids attached to the top edge and fringes at the base, these curtains offer a classy look. It’s one of those styles that will help your rooms offer a calmer feel – making this perfect for bedrooms.

When choosing a box pleat curtain, you would need to ensure that it complements the overall look of the room. Box pleat curtains or inverted pleat curtains are one of the unique styles that you would find, and drapery makers’ ensure that the curtain pleats are sewn together perfectly.

We offer a wide range of beautifully tailored box pleat curtains in Perth, helping your rooms look elegant and classy. Choose from our wide range of offerings online according to colour, design and fabrics, and take home one that would complement your interiors. You can also visit us at one of our showrooms in Perth, or just call over one of our on-road consultants to your home. They would be able to tell you what would work best for you.

If you’re looking to buy box pleat curtains in Perth, you know just where to go!

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