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Custom Made Curtains Perth

Custom Made Curtains Perth


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Windows can take up as much as quarter of the wall space and are “eyes” of the room. Selecting curtains may be difficult particularly in bay windows. Windows can transform both the internal and external look of a house once they’re dressed with style. We at Eiffel Curtains and Blinds Perth are experts in custom made curtains Perth.

You may be forgiven for being confused at the choices available, with so many ways to dress a window and so many practical considerations to take into account.

For some ideas these are the most popular curtain heading styles you can choose:
You could be lead to the best choices available for your budget by our home consultation service. We will provide you a full service that includes supplying the most suitable fabric, poles and tracks through to installation by bringing our shop to you. Your project will be taken care of by a team of highly skilled makers. Our expert fitters have over 10 years of experience. For best Curtains Perth, give us a call on 08 6161 1042.


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Any designer will tell you that, when chosen correctly, curtains can pull a room together. However, it can be quite difficult to pick the right ones for your home; especially if you have bay windows. There are so many combinations to choose from (e.g. fabric, colour, lining, length, off-the-rack, or custom made) that it can be quite overwhelming. With so many things to consider, it’s remarkable easy to become overwhelmed.

Therefore, in order to make this process more pleasant for you, we offer some advice that will help you narrow down your options and select the right window treatments for your home.

1. Fabric
Fabric: The fabric of the curtain is essential because it will dictate how long your curtains last and function. If they are too heavy, they may not fold properly when drawn but it they are too light, they may not fall well. The best materials for curtains include silk, velvet, faux silk, and linen because they hang the best.
Colour: Over time, sunlight tends to fade fabrics. That is to say that if a room is in an area that gets lots of light, you will want to avoid bright coloured curtains because they fade faster. Neutrals are less likely to fade and will blend into the room’s décor easier.
Length or Drop Size: Before you whip out your tape measure, you must decide how high above the window that you will want the curtains to hang. It is important to note that hanging panels that are higher than the window provide a sense of height to the room. Most decorator hang curtains about six inches above the window frame but it you want a dramatic look, you can go even higher than that.
Custom Made or Off-the-Rack: There are many benefits to getting custom made window treatments done e.g. you will be able to create a more tailored look when you can customise the dimensions to your exact window size.


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