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S-Wave or U-Pleat Curtains in Perth

S-Wave or U-Pleat Curtains in Perth



You can make them look as elegant or as casual as you like.

S-Wave Curtains has been the most significant development in years. Innovations are continuing and now there are multiple options at affordable prices to suite all settings.

It also known as S-Fold , U-Pleat or simply Wave Curtains. You can make them look as elegant or as casual as you like, it all depends on the fabric you choose.

S-Wave curtains suit the majority of curtain fabrics, although this style is most popular using plain or luxurious sheers. The U-Pleat Curtains Perth looks great on decorative or if you are after a more minimalistic look a variety of curtain tracks can be fixed to the wall or the ceiling to give your room the look that you are after.

S-Wave Curtains is a modern way of dressing your windows, it is simplistic and elegant without being fussy.

The Most Beatiful S-Wave

Curtains in Perth

These curtains can add a dramatic feel to your room even if you select a sheer curtain. If you are after this look we can have a block out lining to draw behind on a separate curtain track to help with your insulation and privacy. U-Pleat curtains Perth can soften the look of blinds adding elegance to your room and is a popular feature at the moment. They are currently being highlighted in magazines and on decorator & makeover shows using them frequently to dress up and add style to any room.

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